Order sculpture

  … In my understanding sculpture is the material with a certain message, and in the place where it is present, a new, qualitatively different environment is formed …

Classical, ancient, and modern sculptures give a lot of emotions, inspiring, forcing to relive the feelings of the author, thoughts, experiences. Sculptures of different characters, moods, self-expression participate not only in thematic and competitive exhibitions: wooden sculptures decorate ethnic and national parks, plaster figurines – often landscape decor in private territories, bronze monuments, and original compositions become symbols of individual streets, cities and whole countries. 

Volumetric images in any environment attract originality, integrity of images, emotional depth. Custom-made statues become exquisite, meaningful decor of houses, public institutions, open areas, city streets. Yaroslav Kostko – a young talented sculptor, open to new ideas and cooperation, custom-made monuments, and miniature sculptures from different materials in a wide variety of formats and styles.

Author’s sculptures – original wooden, bronze, made of marble – the embodiment of the author’s worldview. It expresses thoughts, the spirit of the nation, the experiences of contemporaries, and the classical understanding of the world, morality, personal emotions, and social problems. But the statues also become a symbol of – time, personal status, aesthetic values, corporate identity, dreams, and goals. This is an exceptional gift for a person with a high position in society, creative nature, leader, recreational, and park organizations. A miniature or a whole monument to order – an exclusive decoration of the interior, garden, spacious plot or park

Exclusive modern sculpture

If for an author art becomes a way of expression, for people voluminous monuments embody certain images, thoughts, personify times and aspirations, inspire, make you think, and experience new emotions. The work of art expresses the spiritual foundation of life, exposes the internal state of the soul of our time, and fulfills dreams of ideals.

Psychologically subtle, realistic, or grotesquely expressive sculptures, original and funny compositions are not only a product of the author’s imagination. You can make a custom installation that will decorate the territory or the hall, embody the worldview of the customer and become a valuable art object for others. That is how garden and park figures become the subject of increased attention for visitors to open areas. Interest in statues in public places is manifested in the desire to capture themselves against their background.

Whether the composition is an interior or landscape decoration, a spiritual component, or a humorous symbol of an object, it will always be in the spotlight. It always gives emotions, no matter what they are for different people. It will give different impressions – depending on the mood, angle, lighting. Observing a voluminous work is an interesting and unusual experience.

Materials for implementing ideas: Bronze, marble, concrete wood, composite materials

You can order a statue, installation, or bust from any material that meets the concept of the work and the future environment. Classic and modern marble, bronze monuments, wooden carved, plaster figures do not lose their relevance. Concrete products are becoming increasingly popular. The cement-based solution is versatile and interesting in the implementation of various ideas.

Sculpture of bronze and other metals

The existing associations of metal with industrial and modern styles in art are refuted by a few, but still preserved ancient Far Eastern and Greek specimens. An often used metal is bronze – an alloy of tin and copper. This is a durable material, known for its strength, durability, aesthetic appeal.

You can order or buy a bronze sculpture in a wide range of prices, shapes, scales, from miniature figurines to full-sized figures. Such sculptures often become an exceptional gift for a person with a status.

Marble sculpture

The traditional breed for creating sophisticated images is relevant today. Half-translucent marble seems to absorb light, and from different angles, the marble statue seems luminous. This stone allows you to combine modern concepts with classical forms, decorate truly royal territories with impeccable forms.

Sculpture of concrete and composite materials

Gypsum has long been used in the manufacture of small three-dimensional forms with a high degree of detail, but increasingly it is being replaced by concrete, which allows you to create completely unexpected and surprisingly strong figures. Polymers are added to the solution, which provides hardness and resistance to aggressive atmospheric phenomena. Concrete garden sculptures are often confused with other materials – various additives in the mortar make it possible to add texture to look like the wood, marble, granite, etc. Clean concrete is an expressive solution for trendy industrial-style concepts.

Wooden sculptures

Wood sculpture is associated with ethnic and tribal traditions, today carvings amaze with the subtlety of execution, custom-made garden compositions with scale and grace, and the price of such work varies in a wide range due to the different cost of the material. It is the ability to draw the thinnest lines that distinguish wood from stone, which often determines the choice.

Another plus in favor of the wood in its natural original structure, which participates in the composition of any wooden statue, making it textured.

Impregnation and antiseptics are used to protect wood from external negative factors, which will prevent the destruction of the sculpture from the water, microorganisms, and temperature changes.

Ordering Art Sculpture

Modern art is diverse and amazing. Volumetric works can serve as decoration, embody personal or corporate values, public views, and worldview.

It is possible to order all types of volumetric art-works:

  • concrete figures for a garden, park, commercial facility;
  • classical or modern sculpture made of plaster, stone (marble, sandstone, granite), wood, bronze at an affordable price for various projects;
  • Monuments on a photo in exact execution or author’s interpretation at the request of the customer.

Each composition meets the requirements of the client. It is created taking into account the future environment – natural, architectural or interior, with which it will actively interact and complement.